Create a party your child will treasure forever!

"Would you like to do something fun, exciting and memorable for your child's party this year?

Do you want a party where your guests are engaged, involved and and having an unbelievable amount of fun?


Dear Parent,

Planning a party that your child will enjoy is a lot of work. You want all the kids to have Happy kidsfun, but it is a party for your child…it’s their day. How do you plan a party that makes him or her feel important, and at the same time keeps the rest of the kids involved and entertained so they don’t destroy your house?

I have the easy solution. I am Dwyane Faux and I have been a professional children's entertainer since 1985. During that time I have performed for more than 3000 families and an estimated 75,000 children, giving me the experience to insure that your child will have a party that they will remember forever!

Every party is different. So, I have designed several different packages so that you and your family get an amazing show. One that will perfectly meet your needs AND completely remove all the stress of running the party.

Just sit back and relax; you're going to enjoy the show too!

The Gold Package Magic Show

This is a one hour show starts with 35 to 40 minutes of some of the funniest magic you will ever see! Of course, there is loads of audience participation. Every child that wants to help is guaranteed to get at least one opportunity to assist with a trick. Of course, your child is the star of the show! They are featured in several of the tricks; they are the one that makes the magic happen. For example, they get to make the bunny appear. All the other kids "ooh and aah," and cheer for your child. Can you imagine how good that will make him or her feel?

Also, as the grand finale, this show features "The Magic Carpet Ride," a special trick where I float the birthday child in the air. Make sure your camera is ready for this one.

After the magic show I make a balloon animal for each of the kids, so everyone gets to go home with their own special balloon creation.

The Silver Package Magic Show

This one hour show includes everything that is in the Gold Package, including the balloons, except for the "Magic Carpet Ride" where the birthday child floats in the air.

Magician with his bunny

Magician Dwyane Faux with Lexington the magic bunny.


The Balloon Extravaganza

A very happy girl with a cartoon character balloon!This is an hour full of amazing animal balloons. I make jumbo balloons like giant butterflies with a three-foot wingspan, wonderful flowers, cartoon characters, and wild hats. With a repertoire of over 2,367 different balloon designs, the choices are virtually limitless. The kids are astonished as they watch these creations come to life and absolutely LOVE that they get to take these balloons home.

Kids with balloon hats









Award winning balloon artist Dwyane Faus makes balloons

for children at a Disney event.

Close-Up (Strolling) Magic for Kids

The magic takes place right in front of your guests, often in their hands. I perform a series of mini shows; small group to small group entertaining with cards, coins and other small items. Instead of everyone sitting down to watch the show, the magic comes to you. The reaction to this show is amazingly intense because of the up-close and personal nature of the performance. This is ideal for larger groups or for providing background entertainment when other activities are taking place.

Kids laughing at injured magician

Why are they so amused when I get hurt?


Magic Workshop

The kids learn several simple but effective magic tricks. I provide all of the needed supplies and teach them The workshop teaches basic magic concepts and skills. The students not only learn magic but also build confidence and self-esteem. Available as a 20 minute add-on to the silver or gold magic shows or as a stand-alone one hour program.

For more information, or to schedule your party call today 719-748-3668

The Fine Print:

The above programs are designed for parties with up to 20 children, with the exception of the close-up magic which is designed to accommodate larger groups. If you expect more than 20, ask about modifying the show to meet your needs.

Shows can be combined; for example you can add the magic workshop or the balloon extravaganza to either one of the magic shows to create a more complete package.


These are some of the extra products and services that Top Banana Events can provide:


Obviously, making this birthday a huge success for that very special child of yours is important to you, isn't it?  So don't delay -- Call now! -- and together let's make this year's birthday party totally amazing, fun, and unforgettable!


Dwyane Faux

Top Banana Events

P.S. You will love it, the kids will love it, I guarantee it. And if you don't love it, you don't pay! Period. No weasel clauses. Yes, I am that confident.



P.P.S. As you might imagine, weekends are extremely busy and fill up fast. As one of the busiest kid show pros in Colorado, I do dozens of events every month -- quite often my calendar fills up weeks in advance. So I urge you to Call me now at 719-748-3668 - why risk disappointing your child?